DESIGN&EMOTIONS International GmbH


With establishment of DESIGN&EMOTIONS Ltd. in 2006 - renamed DESIGN&EMOTIONS International GmbH at the beginning of 2021, we understand our role as a promoter of good Design. We are hereby not only interested in form and haptics, but also, how and under which circumstances these products are been manufactured. The passion for innovative design and first class quality materials used, the creativity of designers, interior designers and architects in combination with extraordinary craftsmanship finally leads to success.

Over the years, we were able to built an international network to companies producing high end designed products, so for example luxurious furniture fabrics, woolen throws/ plaids, fashionable lighting or a wide range of furniture to service the contract and residential market.

Together with our suppliers, DESIGN&EMOTIONS International GmbH continously seeks to push the aesthetic, technological and artistic bounderies to create new products to our all best benefit.

That is for what I am staying for.
Till Sayle